Hi Friends,

Food has always been an important part of our daily lives primarily for survival but also for all the joy that a good meal brings. I am a lover of food and why?! Well, I think everybody loves food one way or the other Food is a binder, it brings people together and it helps create unforgettable memories. When I think of cooking, I think of friends coming over to eat and chat. Quality food creates invaluable moments. Above all healthy meal goes beyond palate satisfaction, it restores and rejuvenates the very basic unit of life, our Cells!!! Nothing more pleasing than a finger licking good and balanced meal(yes! a balanced meal) well cooked with all the natural herbs and spices carefully selected and infused into it. Oh and not forgetting our occasional pastry treat either as a starter or a dessert. Your choice!!! I am Catherine a medical doctor, a wife, a mother and from now on, your new foodie pal! Cheers ! Join me and let’s create exciting healthy recipes in the kitchen.

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