Healthy ways to store fresh fruit juice

A glass of juice is something everyone loves. Apple juice, Grape juice, Orange Juice, Carrot juice: no matter the fruit or vegetable. Have you ever thought about the fact that drinking a lot of processed and pre-packaged food might deny your body the nutrients that is gained from fresh juice? No, I’m sure my guess is right!

Fresh juice has a lot of nutrients, soluble fibre, improves digestive health, serves as antioxidants, and also provides your body with nutritional compounds that are mostly absent from many pre-packaged juices which are made with a lot of preservatives that takes away the nutritional value of the juice you consume.

Drinking juice immediately after it has been made is the most ideal way to consume your juice, but making it ahead of time can be a huge time saver for many of us. Do please remember this though; as soon as you make your juice it is rather like a battery! Full of power straight from the off but it will start to wilt a little before long. The reason for this is that most nutrients are fairly fragile, time, heat, air and processing destroys them, also the enzymes in the juice will actually start to “digest” the nutrients of the juice itself! That’s how active or “live” fresh juices are!

Have you thought about how to store juice ahead of time during your busy periods? Here are a few tips on keeping your juice fresh and healthy.

  1. Have a good quality cooler:

High-quality coolers are also very useful for storing juices and food. This option is essential when you want your juices to be stored immediately after preparing the juice. Even if you want your fruit juice to be served after a day or two, you can count on a good quality cooler. A small freezer can be used under the counter if it does not have a vertical cooler, but you must adjust the temperature accordingly.

  1. Use lemon juice in your fruity drink:

Squeezing a lemon into your fresh juice will not only enhance its flavour but will also maintain the quality of your drink. Since most fruits have a unique, exotic flavour, they combine well with lemon juice, even a small amount will work.

  1. Put it in a sealed container/bottle:

It’s a common tip. You should always keep your fresh fruit juices in a sealed container or bottle so that they do not spoil until you want to have or serve them. We reckon that the best way to enjoy juice is by storing it for no longer than 10 hours in the fridge in an airtight container.

  1. Always use fresh fruit:

When buying fruit to make fresh juice, you need to make sure that the fruit is fresh. Even the fruit of a few days will not bring enough freshness. Therefore, do not compromise its quality. A good juicer will also be useful for extracting juice from the fruit. You have to look for huge quality centrifuges to meet your needs.

  1. Freezing fruit juice:

If you think your guests will be arriving a week later or that you will be drinking lots of juice during the week, you can always keep them in the freezer for later use. Maintaining a refrigerator would be a good idea, but if you plan to have it after about a week, simple refrigeration will be of no use to you. Freeze the extra juice and remove it when you want to use it.

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